News and Events - Latest Update 23 January 2024

As you might have noticed, this is our 'dormant' season. We won't be running our trains again until Easter. But what we will be doing is lots of maintenance, making sure our railway is as safe and comfortable as we can.

If you would like to help out, then please get in touch - details on our 'Contact' page.


About Us - Who we are, where we are and what we've got to offer.

Hello and thanks for visiting. We are located in Roker Park, Sunderland, a very attractive venue right on the sea front. Most weekends, see us giving rides to the public on our multi-gauge railway but railways aren't the only thing that interest our members. We have access to an excellent model boating lake, so our marine modellers are well catered for. Many of our members are interested in other kinds of engineering - traction engines, steam cars (the paths make excellent roadways), steam engines and turbines, ic engines - just to name a few.

We are always looking for new members, so if you are into any kind of technical hobby (these days they often use the term 'maker'), why not come and have a chat. You never know, you just might find the inspiration for your next project.

The club meets Thursday mornings for track and other essential maintenance, Saturday and Sunday afternoons for - weather permitting - running passenger locos on the large track. We don't charge for rides, but your generous donations are always welcome. Why not come along for a ride and bring the kids. ( Granny and grandad are welcome too. ) Saturdays and Sundays are also for those who just come for a chat and a cuppa - especially if the weather is bad. Why not come along and join us ?

If you have a special event in mind and you'd like to use our facilities, why not come and talk to us. We have a very photogenic area and we have hosted film crews, TV productions and wedding parties to name but a few. If you are a school we can try to help your teaching with demonstrations and talks and, of course, giving the children a ride..

Whatever your needs, if you would like to contact us you will find our details on the "Contact / Find Us" page.